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The Pushed Envelope

Soooooooo this just happened!

I love Lyn Paolo! I really do. Not only is she disgustingly talented and quite brilliant in her own right, she is also really kind and interesting from what I can tell. In addition to bringing my dream wardrobe to TV she is sharing some of my scandal Love with my sister Kerry!

I could not ask for more. But if
I had to ask for more, more would probably be myself, Lyn and Kerry hanging out talking about fashion and scandal and how eerily similar Olivia and I are and maybe even having cupcakes! Who knows?!

I ordered this Bubble swim cap from speedo and I had to share it with Lyn. Like sister Kerry and Liv, I’m a water baby. Love water, love to swim, have since I can remember, only black person on the swim team in high school, thugged it out and loved it and I still swim to this day.

I can’t wait to see what Sister Kerry says!! Love her!

In closing, Lyn Paolo: reason #12976421135799752 that I love scandal and all of its great wonders.

Deuces! XOXO

  1. jellyy-beann said: alex where did you get your bathing suit from ? i need to get a one piece for my summer camp job
  2. catchstds said: THIS!!!! IS!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! Are you dying right now? I would legit be dying right now. OHEMGEE IM DYING FOR YOU
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